Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lavish links

1. The wonder that is Ron Artest (this is a must read).

2. Edwin Edwards wants a reality show.

3. Barry Eichengreen jumps the shark. He wants the "Marshall plan for Greece" to finance (and I quote) "building new solar and wind power-generating facilities, in order to turn Greece into a major energy exporter."

Hat tips to Tyler C, Keith G, and ironically, Barry E's own Twitter feed.


Gerardo said...

Building EU wind seems pretty lucrative to me.

Wind farms paid £900,000 to switch off for one night

Wind farms operators were paid £900,000 by the National Grid to disconnect their turbines for one night because the electricity was not needed.

By Victoria Ward

The payments, worth up to 20 times the value of the power they would have produced, raises serious concerns about such subsidies, which are paid for by the customer.

Anonymous said...

Barry E jumped the Krugman!