Monday, July 11, 2011

Self Serve Line

Masturbation may be adaptive.

Plus, there's a video of an elephant doing it. Not safe for work, or for avoiding nightmares.


Trent said...

Interesting, except I would note that in O'Donnell's defense, sadly, that two of the four theories involved signaling, which, we all know is beneficial from an individual perspective, but harmful from a social perspective. As such, everyone would be better off if all refrain from the signal. It looks like the ol' witch may have stumbled onto something after all.

Anonymous said...

I don't think signalling plays an important role in humans, Trent.

Pee Wee Herman paid the price for trying that "signal" publicly (pubicly?)

LowcountryJoe said...

How did this article end? I went blind while reading it!

Anonymous said...

Witches are hot. I just released some tension to a picture of O'Donnell.