Monday, July 18, 2011

Dick Cheney's Erdos number

Yes, he has one, and it's probably lower than yours my friend:

"Cheney's Erdos number is no more than seven. He wrote his American Political Science Review article with Aage Clausen, who has coauthored with Greg Caldeira, who has co-authored with me, who has co-authored with Keith Krebiel, who has co-authored with John Ferejohn, who has co-authored with Peter Fishburn, who has co-authored with Erdos."

The "me" in the above quote is Tim Groseclose, one of the greatest Okies ever, and the quote comes from his awesome new book: "Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind" which drops tomorrow from St. Martin's press. The book is, as Tyler likes to say, self-recommending.

I could have had an Erdos of five, but I was such a crappy co-author that Tim kicked me off the project.

Update: Tim informs me that I'm not kicked off the project, it's just "indefinitely on hold".


Gilligan said...

I think Groseclose is from Arkansas

Angus said...

LOL, I bet you do think that Tom, but he was born in TULSA, OK. Don't worry, you too are one of the greatest Okies ever!

Mr. Overwater said...

Did Mike publish with Schofield? If so he's a 3 (Erdos -> Tovey -> Schofield). Or is he lower?

I'm a 4!

Anonymous said...


You are already a 5, because Mungowitz is a 4 (Erdos -> Fishburn -> Samuel Merrill III -> Jay Dow -> Mungowitz)

Random economist said...

My father (a chemist, who once coauthored a paper with a mathematician) has an Erdos number of 2! I should really coauthor with my father.