Thursday, February 19, 2009

After you cough up $800 Billion, everything else is just chump change

The stimulus bill sure has accomplished one thing; it has raised the bar for what kind of expenditures are big enough to raise eyebrows. President O has followed it up with announcing $75 billion to "stem foreclosures" and serial corporate mendicants GM and Chrysler have asked for another $21 billion in aid.

But I guess we have reverse sticker shock; nobody seems to care about a few measly 10's of billions. That's now officially petty cash.

In fact the AP story linked above about the foreclosure plan repeatedly notes that it's not enough money to "save every home".


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Anonymous said...

Apparently the Housing Plan is actually $275B, but who's counting?

It seems like every time Obama opens his mouth the DOW drops 150 points. Is destroying wealth the same thing as redistributing it?