Friday, February 06, 2009

Obama's Secret Plan

I am a regular Thursday guest on the Bill LuMaye show, on WPTF. Every Thursday, 5-6 pm.

Yesterday we had a caller who pointed out that Barack Obama apparently has a secret, but highly effective, plan to balance the federal budget, and to finance even the huge Porkulus bill, all without increasing the deficit.

The plan?

Appoint, one after another, all the rich liberals in the country who think spending tax dollars is cool, but that actually PAYING taxes is for chumps.

It's a beauty solution. Consider.

1. None of the people Obama hangs with appear to have paid taxes in decades. They make tons of money, though.
2. Appointing them forces these tax cheats to come out and admit their wicked ways, and to pay their back taxes.
3. Then, they don't actually get appointed, b/c they are too embarrassed. The office stays vacant.
4. So, Obama can appoint ANOTHER tax cheat to the same office, and the cycle begins again.
5. The revenue rolls in, so Nancy Pelosi can use the money to finance birth control conselling for pet hamsters, digitizing veterinary records, and other important things.

I humbly thank that caller. A fundamental insight into the mind of Obama.

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Tom said...

Okay, Obama gets credit for a clever plan to finance the deficit. But he needs to pick up the pace. At ~$100K per appointee, you finance a $1T yearly deficit by making a new appointment about every 3 seconds.

Hurry, BO, hurry!