Monday, February 02, 2009

Great Game. Too bad about the halftime show

Man, Bruce really stunk it up. In his defense I guess consider how bad must it suck to have to play "Born to Run" 34 years after recording it.

Yahoo has a great list: "The 10 Unforgivable Sins of Bruce Springsteen's Halftime Performance".

Here's an excerpt:

"3) Bruce has apparently joined "Up With People." Everything else aside, Bruce was simply too corny for his own good. It was embarrassing. It was the sight of a guy trying too hard and overcompensating for his ill-ease. It's always been said that Bruce shows more restraint than Billy Joel or Meat Loaf but here he's just killing us with show biz overkill. Rock 'n' Roll, as antiquated a notion as it is these days, is supposed to stay apart from Show Biz. This was pure Cheeze-Whiz."

Who knew that Bruce had Tom Petty envy?

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