Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome Rush Limbaugh Listeners!

Dear Friends:

Those of you coming to this site because of the discussion on Rush Limbaugh today....welcome!

The web site for the interview Mr. Limbaugh quoted from can be found here...

And feel free to browse around. My blogging partner, Dr. Kevin Grier, and I, have written quite a bit about the bailout, and we welcome your thoughts.

For those who missed the Limbaugh show, here is the transcript, in section #2....

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Angus said...

Just search the blog for "porkulus" and you will find a lot of what we've written on the bailout

Paul Gowder said...

Oh my god. You got quoted on Rush? Are you pleased, amused, terrified, or all three?

(If I ever got quoted on that show, it would be after "this is Paul Gowder's address," and before "so go lynch him! tear him limb from limb! Kill him bloodily, my army of zombie dittoheads!")