Friday, February 27, 2009

Gestapo? PAH! Girly Men....

One of the radio shows I am on each week sometimes gets complaints, and since I am in the studio I get to hear the cross-talk between producer and host. What surprises me most is the little tiny distinctions that really matter to listeners.

Within the last month, I heard the following conversation:

PRODUCER: "You really made a guy mad yesterday. A Russian guy. You were talking about Russians, and during that Russian music, you said something about the Gestapo."

HOST: (Honestly confused) "I was justing making the point that many totalitarian regimes have disappeared. We weren't just talking about Russia. In fact, I...."

PRODUCER: (interrupting) "Well, he just thought you should have said KGB."

HOST: (Even more confused) "You mean he just wanted me to get the correct thuggish sercret police name? He just wanted me to say KGB instead of Gestapo?"

PRODUCER: "Yeah, he thought the KGB was much worse than the Gestapo. And he seemed kind of proud of that. He was going for the 'Germans were just girly men, compared to the KGB.'"

HOST: (Staring, shakes head slowly)

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ardyanovich said...

dude, I just had the same reaction. (still shaking my head)