Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free at last

Starbury is finally free. I guess the Knicks were so embarrassed about Steph's $400,000 grievance that they just let him go (or maybe Stephon caved and gave up a more substantial chunk of his salary than the $1 million he'd said was his max).

In any event, if he signs with another team before March 1, he'll be eligible to play in the playoffs for that team.

I used to be a hater but this "Me and Stephon" set of mini-videos has made me into kind of a fan.

Check them all out here.


Mungowitz said...

That's pretty good.

Not as good as Slumdog Millionaire....but pretty darned good.

The Original Rocker said...

One rumor has him going to the Celtics. Those are my boys. And i'm sure there was a reason they just waive Cassell. Not sure how that would affect chemistry.

Viagra Online said...

wait a second...$400.000 for this? and they want a $1.000.000? this is totally ridiculous, I can't express my indignation!