Monday, February 16, 2009

A modest proposal

Obama seems to patterning himself after FDR. Between the election and inauguration FDR went on a Caribbean cruise while the depression raged. Obama went Hawaii. FDR had a very active 100 days, Obama has his mega-bill.

I would like to encourage Obama to emulate one other FDR move. At the beginning of his term FDR managed to find the time to get Congress to legalize beer. So please Barack, take another page out of the FDR playbook and legalize weed!! What better way to help us look past our ruined retirement accounts and impending doom?

Legalize it!


Anonymous said...

little obnoxious on the Hawaii comment...wasn't he there for a funeral?

Norman said...

I think we've found the cure for future banking panics right here!

And it seems expanding the BATF into the BATFReefer seems right up his alley. And think of the expanded consumer spending on munchies!

Anonymous said...

No, he was on a family vacation. Google it for the beach shots of our hunk-in-chief. Or, if you Tivoed even 5 random minutes of ABC/NBC/CBS/MSNBC/CNN news in December, I'm sure you'll find 4+ minutes of coverage.

Anonymous said...

Truly a poor choice by Obama to go on vacation in Hawaii. He was only there for 12 days and there's hardly any brush to clear on Oahu.

Anonymous said...

Legal pot would do its part to help California's budget crisis.