Monday, February 16, 2009

So let me get this straight

Suns management/ownership is tired of Mike D'Antoni's 7 seconds or less and lets him go. Brings in Terry Porter as coach. Porter wants them to walk the ball up and D up. Lots of Suns complain. Management then gets rid of multiple players that Porter doesn't like. And now, at the all-star break, the metaphorical, if not actual, midpoint of the season, Suns management FIRES Terry Porter.

Epic Fail. So now you don't have D'Antoni or Porter or the players that Porter didn't like. You do have Jason Richardson though. Sweet!

And you have Alvin Gentry who said the following at his press conference: “We are who we are and I think we have to go back to trying to establish a breakneck pace like we’ve had in the past.”

Only they are NOT what they were. Not anymore.

What a bunch of dolts. If you look up FUBAR in the dictionary I bet there will be a picture of the Suns front office.

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The Original Rocker said...

already talked about this on my own blog,

and yes, the Suns front office win the Screwed Up Front Office of 2008-2009 Award.