Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie Closure

This weekend was the Oscars (I know, horrible grammer, eh?) AND also I finally saw the last two movies I projected would be in my top 10. They were Frozen River and Happy Go Lucky. Frozen River was terrific. Melissa Leo nailed her role as did the kids playing her kids and the actress playing Leila. Well done all around. Not exactly a feel-good movie, but excellent.

Happy Go Lucky was just alright. I was expecting a lot because I really like Mike Leigh, but this was, for him, just about average. If anyone out there has seen this film, do you have any explanation for the weird scenes in the middle where Poppy is first strolling alone through a sunny meadow and then out at night with a deranged homeless guy? To me they were complete non sequitors.

I wouldn't be Angus if I also didn't take this opportunity to point out to my pal Mungowitz that his "disappointment" and my top movie of the year, Slumdog Millionare won 8 Oscars. I got your "objective verification" right here, bro!