Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Evil Sister

So, my sister Kathy is evil.

Oh, sure, she seems nice. She is a veterinarian, took a MA in biology before vet school, interested in research.

Now, she sails and spends a lot of time outside near her home in Portland, Oregon. She and her husband Mark have two kids.

But it turns out she is pure evil. I don't mean like Hillary Clinton professional level pure evil. But on an amateur scale.....pretty darned evil.

She sends our Christmas present a bit late (we received it February 2). It comes in a nice box, a collection of homemade stuff, including some jam and some really great Japanese tea.

And, the following two items, wrapped carefully in Saran wrap and then wrapped in tissue paper.
Now...I could have read the card, or the Year-in-Review summary letter, in the box.

But I was feeling a bit peckish. And since this was clearly a nice piece of hard goat cheese (on the left) and some kind of lemon bar (on the right) I decided to have a big taste. (In my defense, I have two teenage sons. Food tends not to last on our counter. In fact, food tends not even to TOUCH our counter for more than three or four seconds without being engulfed.)

I took a bite out of the goat cheese (you can see the bite marks on the front edge). And thought, "Wow, that's really strong. Smoky and bitter and....OMIGOD! That's soap!"

To be fair, Kathy did confirm in the card that she was including two pieces of olive oil-based soap, and she hoped we enjoyed it.

Thanks, Kath.

UPDATE: As I was writing this just now, I heard the door slam. The younger younger Munger had come in, and had picked up the soap and was about to take a bite. But I warned him not to. It's mine. I'm going to put it on crackers later.


El General said...

Well if she's not a member of the Patchouli oil militia of Portland she is evil to a lesser degree than most Portland residents. I used to think my mother was the only "normal" person in that city, now i know of two.

Shawn said...

Umm...why'd you warn him not to eat it??

Tom said...

"..she seems nice. She is a veterinarian..." umbrage. As a meat eater, I have to wonder what seems "nice" about this.

My degree is in math. Not nice?

/liberals infect society with their screwed up values.

//not nice!

Anonymous said...

So how does it spread?

And why wouldn't a meat eater appreciate a veterinarian? Vets keep animals alive and healthy long enough to reach their peak flavor. Not to mention that they care for all the dogs, cats and other animals I assume don't make it onto your dinner plate.

Kunal said...

Tom: "Veterinarian" != "Vegetarian".

Mungowitz said...

You'd have to know Tom.

He was kidding.

Kunal said...


It should have been obvious, being so over the top. In my defence, however, it is hard not to believe the worst about a person who admits to (and boasts of even) having a Math degree in public.