Thursday, January 02, 2014

Bayes' Honeydew

An email from Zach Weiner:

Funny story I thought you might enjoy. Pretty typical kid story, I'm sure, but it was too perfect not to share. I was visiting ***** in Palo Alto. They have two kids: S** and J**. J** is about 3, and S** is about 6. 

We're eating breakfast, and J**'s meal comes with a slice of honeydew. He doesn't like honeydew and says so. His mom asks "Then can S** have it?" He says yes without giving it any thought. 

But S**'s eyes light up. She's very excited to have the honeydew. J** sees her face, immediately changes his opinion and declares he'd like the honeydew. J** then gives the honeydew a taste. J** decides once again he doesn't like honeydew, and now it makes its way to S**, where it is at last consumed. 

By these means I conclude J** is a Bayesian.

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