Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gimmie Shelter (in Place)

Such siren, much kevlar, so SWATTY, Wow!

On the heels of the Purdue shooting, we had a report of shots fired on the OU campus yesterday. Let me not bury the lede and say right up front that it was a false alarm.

But the campus was put on lockdown, or as we more gently say these days, we "sheltered in place".

We were in our conference room. Having a job seminar. We are right across the street from the alleged shooting site.

Did I mention that our conference room has a wall of windows?

The speaker was so dialed in and focussed that he didn't miss a beat (gave a fantastic talk).

This has happened at OU before. On the heels of the Blacksburg tragedy, we got reports of a person on campus with a rifle.

That time the rife turned out to be a yoga mat! (not making this up)

This time the shots fired most likely was just noise from the construction equipment operating right outside the buildings where the report came.

All ended well, even for us, as by the time the seminar was over, we had been cleared to leave our building and a group took our guest to lunch off campus with no incident.

People, recruiting is hard enough without SWAT teams dropping in during the campus visit!


Andrew said...

This was obviously called in by one of the other job candidates!

Pelsmin said...

Here in DC, American University just had a lengthy lock-down after a gun was spotted on campus. ("Eek! A gun!") Someone entering his apartment saw a man getting into an elevator and noticed a holstered handgun under his jacket. Based on this report, school was closed and all students advised to "shelter in place."
Turns out, the guy works in law enforcement, that was his police-issued weapon, and he wasn't even in a dorm, just an apartment building with lots of students.
I don't like where this is going, and I don't think it's incidental. I think we are conditioning people to consider any weapon an imminent threat to society.