Friday, January 31, 2014

Real Emails I Get

So, I got this email, an obvious "Phishing" email (sorry, Tofe, that's what Phish means to most people, sucking, in this case information, but also musically):

(click for even more asinine image)

Then,  I realized that this is really a kind of performance art.  The misspelled title.  The "nobody" as the name on the return email address.  The only necessary misspelling is the "" in the URL.  The others have to be intentional.

So...I approve.  Anyone who gives up their info to something this lousy needs to be moved somewhere OTHER than being in front of a computer.  Like a really soft room.  Play on.


Anonymous said...

This is actually intentional. That way they know that the people that fall for it are real rubes.

Mungowitz said...

And so, in a way, I approve. As Darwin would approve, also. It works for everyone.