Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oklahoma? OKLAHOMA?

The obvious solution to the "we hate gay marriage" "problem" (if you think it's a problem) is to get the idiotic state OUT of the process completely.

The notion of marriage "licenses" really took hold as a way preventing miscegenation (mixing purty white blood with all those yucky black people, so, bigotry, in other words) and then eugenics (making sure that even white people were fully up to the standards of Aryan ubermenschen, so, white supremacy, in other words).

Get the state out of the picture.  This is a private contract, the state has no business promoting, allowing, licensing, or prohibiting contracts, including marriage, as long as the two parties are competent to enter into the contract by the usual common law standards of competency.

What state is leading us toward this libertarian pipe dream, this utopian notion of unfettered private contracts?

As you can guess from the title, the answer is:  OKLAHOMA!  Where the wind comes sweeping out of churches!

In 2012, when NC was convulsing itself about this question, I constantly advocated for this.  And now, someone is seriously considering it.  And NO ONE is more serious than an OK Baptist (I'm trying to get a witness here from Angus)


Thomas W said...

Notice how the Oklahoma proposal is being presented by the media. The proposal is to eliminate the state marriage law (leaving marriage a private concern). Yet the media is calling this a "ban" on marriage. A rather different interpretation.

MK said...

Makes perfect sense. We already have laws on contracts, the disposition of property, and the maltreatment of children. What does legal marriage really add? A marriage law is an excuse for creating a divorce law, which is an excuse for making the marriage law more complicated, which is....

Peter McIlhon said...

Did anyone else hear Steve Martin yelling "Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!" from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?

Anonymous said...

I have long believed that this is the best solution. But I have a feeling that the same-sex-marriage activists will not agree to this.

They don't want mere equality. They want to be showered with the approbation of civil society. State-sanctioned same-sex-marriage provides this to them.