Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  This explains a great deal.  Every time I think the U.S. is nuts, someone from Canada gives me some perspective.  Those people are NUTS.  The "Nordic Blonde Nuns" sound like they could be a lot of fun, however.

2.  Okie days.  This is sad.  I feel bad that I laughed.  But I did.

3.  So, this is what Christie and Co. had in mind, right, Daniel Strunk?  Apparently Dan thinks it's okay for now, like the rest of you Republican weasels.

4.  Mandatory recycling separation is a violation of the separation of church and state, simply a form of religious worship without a valid environmental justification.

5.  Megan McA on vile comments.  I generally don't read comments, and I'm happier for it.


6.  Restriction on Danish Danish.  Wow.

7.  He's got a nice business card, I'll give him that.

8.  WWI:  100 years.

9.  "I'm sorry, Dave.  I can't let you have that beer.  You're looking a little saggy."  Smart appliances:  disaster?

10.  Good Lord.  We learn once again that if you take large amounts of resources from their highest valued uses, and give those resources to Person A, then Person A will, in general, be better off.  This tells us very little about whether it's a good policy, of course.  But these folks don't really care.   The point is that "But it helps Person A!" is not really a complete argument, so it's not worth refuting (it's also not possible to refute, because it's not actually an argument).

11.  I'm not sure why people send me stuff like this.  Okay, that's a lie.  I know exactly why.  NSFW.

12. Somebody is pullin' somebody's leg here.  Me gusta.

13.  These range from tremendous and interesting to just plain weird.  Nice, though.

14.  This doesn't sound good.  All around the world...get on the RISK train, risk train....

15.  Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.  Do you really believe this guy was a top-loader?  I'm willing to bet he's a front loader, or a bottom-loader.  Anyway, the olive oil got him out.  You have to pay extra for that in Bangkok.

16.  A little clean fun.  But then the cops come.

17.  A shoe was left, and that's not right.  I like the quote from the police:  "...the shoe could be an important part of prosecution efforts."  Um, yes.  Kind a Cinderalla story, in fact.  (Speaking of which, I have to link the video...)

18.  Michael Peterson is saying, "See?  SEE? It's those vicious owls!"  In Missouri, at least.

19.  From across the pond, Tommy TTB sends this masterpiece of the headline meme genre.  Not only NSFW, but mildly disturbing.  Swiss cheese?  Seriously?

20.  I can't fault the police.  'Cause the people that run 'em got 'em on a short leash.  Building inspectors, too.  They are "just following orders."  And because the orders come from the dictatorial majority, those orders are dumb, coercive, and intrusive.


Pelsmin said...

Republican Weasels? That's like blaming the Jews for spreading measles, because some people don't vaccinate their kids and some of them are Jewish.
Politicians do things to serve their goals, even when they hurt the people.

Republicans do it. Democrats do it. NJ politics (80% Democrat) is about as bad as it gets, so the only news here is that a Republican governor is playing dirty too. This is how States do politics.

The analysts are shocked, shocked to see this. Jeff Toobin says he's never heard of such a thing. But our President directed his cabinet secretaries to make the sequester as painful to Americans as possible. Federal agencies crippled commercial fisherman with arbitrary closings, even while the Endangered Species Act was left fully funded, because the administration wanted to make Congress into the bad guy.

Obama "blocked the lanes" when the Park Police barricaded national monuments, preventing tourists and aged veterans from visiting them. Everyone knows it cost more to shut the Parks than it would have to leave them open, but this is what POLITICIANS, not Republicans, do.

Usually this is a local game, not played on the Federal level. Put a Chicago pol in charge, and I guess you see it there, too.

Anonymous said...

"Canadian Defense Minister"? Is that the guy in charge of not losing the pentagon's phone number? The prime minister calls him once a year and asks "where's our ship?". The guy in charge of the strategic sasquatch defense initiative?

This actually makes sense. The U.S. is going to take care of all "known" threats to North America - the Canadian Defense Minister is in charge of imagining new ones.

windwheel said...

Wow! Playing it straight for a change, gotta say your 'Monday's child' picks reveal a sort of polymorphously perverse delight in corn-holing the herteroclite and, in the manner of a Jane Austen heroine, bussing the bizarre.
Were you ever a Marcusian? I was, briefly, at the age of 16; a first year student at the LSE who unilaterally decided, on behalf of the ghost of Jeremy Bentham, that all traffic bollards must henceforth be reconstituted as vibrators so as to combat the very repressive desublimation such an action would otherwise constitute.
I suppose this was my first brush with the aporia of the 'halachah vein morin kein' or self-prohibiting, impredicative Consequentialist heuristic, whose horizon as the Deontically fucked poses such a scandal to ... oh. Right. Just me then.

Bastard, you had to speak against Swiss Cheese, didn't you? You very well know that my ongoing billion dollar suit against Jason Brennan was settled by his sending me a girlfriend who wouldn't mind my needle dick- you are JUST JEALOUS!

Heidi and I are very happy together, I'll have you know. Well, at least, since I've gone gluten free.

Anyway, you very charming people you, let me direct your attention to this Pyrrhonist antidote to Paideia's charm -

Owls are just wicked.

OregonGuy said...

I bit.

Went to Yahoo search, typed in "nordic blonde nuns" and was treated to a display of videos related to the search term.

Who knew, huh?