Saturday, January 25, 2014


I got an email listing quite a few interesting emails for undergrads.  If you want more information, please feel free to call

Program Manager, Higher Education
Charles Koch Foundation
1515 N. Courthouse Road, Suite 200 
Arlington, VA, 22201, US 
PH: 202.215.7491 

Koch Internship Program - Charles Koch Institute - Application deadline 3/1/2014 (Washington, DC area)
Koch Summer Fellow Program - Charles Koch Institute - Application deadline 03/1/14 (Nationwide)
Summer Internship - Philanthropy Roundtable (Washington, DC)
Summer Internship - Heritage Foundation - Application deadline 2/1/2014 (Washington, DC)
Summer Internship - Cato Institute - Application deadline 03/01/14 (Washington, DC)
Summer Internship - American Council of Trustees and Alumni - Application deadline 03/30/14 (Washington, DC)
Summer Internship - Tax Foundation - Application deadline 04/01/14 (Washington, DC)
Summer Internship - Competitive Enterprise Institute - Application deadline 04/15/14 (Washington, DC)
Summer Internship - Center for Competitive Politics (Alexandria, VA)
Summer Internship - American Legislative Exchange Council (Washington, DC)
Summer Clerkship - Institute for Justice (Arlington, VA)
Web Development/Communications Intern - E21 (Washington, DC)
Strategic Research Internship - Institute for Justice (Arlington, VA)
Internship - The Center for Individual Freedom (Alexandria, VA)
Academic Programs Internship - Institute for Humane Studies (Arlington, VA)
Learn Liberty Internship - Institute for Humane Studies (Arlington, VA)
Development Internship - Institute for Humane Studies (Arlington, VA)
Internship - Bill of Rights Institute (Arlington, VA)
Outreach and Operations Intern - Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity (Alexandria, VA)

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