Friday, January 03, 2014

Comments Policy

I'm not sure we have ever stated a "comments policy."

Angus and I each police our own posts.  We delete comments that are spam.  Examples include links to URLs that are commercial (drugs, male enhancement, etc) and have no relation to the subject of the post.

Other than that, we use our judgment.  I don't think I have ever deleted a comment just because the person was offensive, because by that standard I'd have to delete most of my own posts.

But the "policy" is that this is our blog.  If we feel like deleting a comment, for any reason or for no reason at all, we can do that, without explanation.  If that's a problem, you can post whatever you want on YOUR blog.

Angus, anything to add?

UPDATE:  In response to a suggestion in a comment (ironically), the policy statement is amended to "It's our blog and we'll delete comments if we want to.  You would have, too, if it happened to you." Since the policy is intended to be legalistic, and lawsuits about comments have been specifically mentioned, I'm not sure why sounding "lawyerly" is a drawback.  But, fair enough.  This one is much more perky.


Anonymous said...

Bob, did you know my aunt Bessie makes 10000/month working at home on Uncle Bill's natural male enhancement?

Mungowitz said...

You forgot the URL:

windwheel said...

Given that comments and posts ought, ideally, to display co-evolved complexity, surely it is the case that a truly, incentive compatible, euvoluntary Comments policy will instantiate a mixed strategy which randomly deletes comments AND imposes a punitive fine on the originator- not to mention a salutary horsewhipping on the steps of his gentleman's club administered by one's ostler or Curate?
On the other hand, if blog-ownership isn't really about the exchange of ideas but derives merely from a sort of frustrated Petit Bourgeois funktionzlust, or pleasure derived from the pettifogging exercise of a property right, then, once again, the optimal return on ownership requires the infliction on at least some sub-set of commentators of an equal, if more declasse, nuisance.
Mind it kindly.

Anonymous said...

"for any reason or for no reason at all" is lawyerly gobbledygook. It's neither meaningful nor clarifying. "Because I want to" is a reason. Even if it's impetuous or arbitrary.

windwheel said...

@ Anon- Amen Brother!

Anonymous said...

Spam is the healthiest meat in the world. Give some to your loved ones this holiday season. Spam, it's what's for dinner.

windwheel said...

Spam is not the healthiest meat- it is Jason Brennan, coz he does jogging and stuff and his mind is entirely untraumatised by Econ or Law or Ethics.
Eat Jason Brennan.
What? It's the euvolunary solution- at least for pigs.

Angus said...

I wish we had a "like" button for comments, 'cause some of them are awesome!

aclynch1978 said...'s partially your blog--arm wrestle Mungo for dibs & make it happen!

Angela Collins said...

Yup I can see a few spammy comments

Ron Collins said...

Everyone should have some kind of spam policy regardless if not comments get out of hand