Friday, January 10, 2014

Oh, Kentucky....

Oh, Kentucky.  A state that exists to make Mississippi feel better about itself.  Guy escapes from prison.  But it's really cold.  So he turns himself in.  The best part?  The high tech system they have for mug shots, so you know the guy's prisoner number.   What font is that?  Some kind of sans-serif...  No.  For your mug shot, they stand you in front of an old sheet, with a hand-written card.

More "Kentucky Pride" here.  A legislator and clown (but I repeat myself) claims that he could "fill the committee room" with people who died from weed.  You could fill several stadiums with the people killed by the war on, and over, weed.  And many of the people he wants to fill his committee room would actually be in my stadium.  Cops would not be killed by guys with AK-47s over weed if it were LEGAL.

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Tom said...

No, the clown from Kentucky is just a standard issue drug warrior clown. He did not offer to solicit dead people, but to fill the "committee room with first responders, law enforcement officers and parents of dead children based on the effects of marijuana." So it's one level removed from people directly (and badly) affected by pot.

Thus, I can offer to one-up Munger's multi-stadium offer: we can fill the entire fucking state of Kentucky with people who are friends, loved ones, or otherwise one level removed from direct victims of the drug war. Standing room only, mother-fucker!