Monday, January 06, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  The parachuting dogs of WWII.

2.  CvD, you gots nothin' on Chuck Norris.  Because, HE's Chuck Norris!  After all, ghosts sit around the campfire and scare their kids with stories of Chuck Norris.  You'd better RECOGNIZE, "Cloud."  Your little split was namby pamby by comparison.

3. Amazon calls in a delivery specialist.

4.  The future is NOW.  Not safe for work, but it will change your life.   And, no, you will NOT find this link on

5.  I'm not sure what to make of this.  Surely there is something in between.


6.  This is disturbing.  Especially now that a judge has said that all the NSA needs is effectiveness, rather than probable cause.

7.  You'd better watch out.  It's not nice to mess with elves.  Besides, Legolas will kick your ass.

8.  Finally, a useful economics study!  (As noted by Kevin Lewis).  The Price of Liquor is TOO Damned High!

9.  14 elections to watch this year.

10.  List of "predatory publishers."  In an age where publications are the key academic success, it is not surprising that clever folks figure out ways to "sell" publications.

11.  The two most productive sectors of the U.S. economy are: a.  The production and sale of debt.  b.  The production and imposition of new legislation.

12.  I'd like a pint of "The F Word" please.

13.  Idiosyncratic Whisk with some interesting observations on progressivism.

14.  I have an aluminum baseball bat.  Does this mean I can be arrested for murder? It appears that in Ohio, the answer is "yes."  The only way to get police to stop making money from drugs is to legalize drugs.

15.  If these folks were capable of feeling embarrassed, they'd be embarrassed.  But of course they aren't.  They think diversity is something to feel good about, not something to take seriously.

16.  I was going to link this just to be snarky, but it's actually quite interesting.

17.  What kind of "deadliest actor" listing would have NO CHUCK NORRIS?  Susan wants to know.

18.  The key is to realize you don't know.  It's bad when you think you DO know.   Darned "bamboo."  Nobody needs bamboo.

19..  Public Choice, 101.

20.  Bizarrely, Michael Moore has this almost totally correct.

21.  Not talkin' about a game.  Not a GAME.  We're talkin' about "practice."  Tebow is bad in practice.

22.  Can't help thinking this could happen to frequent reader Shirley.  Careful!

23.  Some ideas seem pretty good if you are sitting around smoking  a little weed one afternoon.  This one may have been like that:  seemed good at the time, turned out later to be a pretty bad idea.

24.  If your claim is that "I would never misuse my gun, and I'd shoot anyone who says different!" then you need to rethink that.  But in this case, they went further and non-personed the guy.

25.  Just a joke between friends?  Or prosecutorial misconduct?  Answer:  misconduct is what prosecutors do.  It's their job description.

26.  Megan McArdle on Uber pricing, economics and business practice.  And, let me just say, without going into details, that "No bugs!" is now a watchword in my house, because it is in hers, and for the same reason.

27.  And Megan basically has THIS right, too.  Tenure is way overrated.

28.  The 5 best "App Downloads" for the new year...

29.  This looks pretty great.  But..."Typo"?


Anonymous said...

"No bugs"? Can someone please explain that means in the context of #26?

Tom said...

wrt #13, Ohio law is "No person shall knowingly operate, possess, or use a vehicle with a hidden compartment with knowledge ..." This compartment had no knowledge; charge dismissed.

Of course, the main purpose of the law is to facilitate police harassment. It works for that.

Anonymous said...

From the Foxy Ladies article, the last sentence is worth noting:

"You think of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends," she says: "As he got older, they all get brighter and blonder. Look at Anna Nicole Smith. It’s like the large-print edition of women."

The large-print edition of women.