Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Answer To An Important Question

So, somebody calls, and asks if you want to talk to Aasif Mandvi

Answer:  No.  No, you don't.  Why do people do this?  Do they think they are God's special snowflake, and the smirking, and the editing, are not going to HAMMER THE EVER-LOVING BEJESUS out of them?

Nothing against Mandvi, or the Daily Show.  At this point, these are not ambush interviews, because it's obvious what is going to happen.  If cannibals ask:  "Can you come to dinner?" it means YOU are going to be cooked.  If Aasif Mandvi asks if you want to do an interview, it means YOU are going to be smoked and hung out to dry.

No.  I do not want to do an interview with Aasif Mandvi.  Here are some folks who should have read this blog post.  (And, on the merits, a pretty good point about the insurance.  The DS mostly nails smug idiots.  Smug idiots are nailed here.)


Anonymous said...

So whatever happens we're getting free beer, right? (one of those ads is on the wall of the kitchen in my office; I didn't believe it was real)

Tom said...

Just so you know, some people really dislike auto-run videos.

windwheel said...

Munger could take Aasif's pants down- the trick is to say something really witty or if you can't just channel Apu from the Kwikimart.
That's not Racist!
Where did these ARYAN (not kidding, that's their self description) from 'Bradford via Bombay' get an entitlement to affirmative action?
African Americans suffered slavery. These guys suffered squat.