Thursday, October 04, 2007

How to know when to look for a new job

Well, how about when your boss throws you under the bus?

As KPC reported, last week Alberto Fernández, the head of the cabinet for President Nestor Kirchner in Argentina proudly exclaimed "En la Argentina no existe inflación" (Inflation does not exist in Argentina).

This week, his boss, Kirchner (aka el penguino (really!)) announced:
"Claro que hay inflación en la Argentina" (of course there is inflation in Argentina).


The offical number for September comes out this afternoon. The measurement of inflation in Argentina has become a very politicized process. The Kirchner government accuses provinces controlled by opposition candidates of inflating their local numbers to make him look bad others accuse the Kirchner government of systematically understating the degree of inflation in the country.

PS: Kudos to Kirchner for creativity by the way. Instead of trying to change the constitution or switching to prime minister (which Argentina doesn't have) to stay in power, He is having his wife (la penguina!!!) run for president. I believe they intend to take turns.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The political system in Argentina is completely whack. A presidential candidate that is the wife of a current or former president? So much for term limits! Next thing you know Argentina will move to a completely nepotistic systems where sons succed their fathers. Monarchy here we come!

Angus said...

lol, sounds familiar eh??