Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hair Yesterday, Gone To Raleigh

Bayou Jack and Dutch Boy visited the Mungowitz homestead, and high school stories were told. Dutch Boy is actually considering moving, with his wife and fam, from the Nederlands to the Triangle! That would be great.

We had a great time. And, this picture was shared:

Wow. Nice haircuts, guys. I believe the year was 1976, if you hadn't guessed.


Shawn said...

Nice haircuts? Nice shorts, Charlie's Angels!

Anonymous said...

Thank god there's some wear and tear to the picture. It looks like the shorts were a bit tight and left little to the imagination.

Tommy the Englishman, on board a train to Scotland!

Bayou Jack said...

Just so you know, Munger was commonly referred to as "Mole" back in the day in high school, for reasons that are apparently lost to history.

(I liked those shorts, too)

-Bayou Jack

Mungowitz said...

I think that what Tommy meant was: You don't need an imagination to see that it is little.

In those shorts, I mean.