Monday, January 21, 2008

Mungowitz Goes to the Movies

My own attempt, three categories for the past year (yes, January to January, not 2007):

Best Movies:

Hot Fuzz
No Country for Old Men

Movies That Weren't Really That Good That I Loved Anyway:

Amazing Grace
American Gangster
The Bourne Ultimatum
The Bucket List
Knocked Up
Live Free or Die Hard
PS: I Love You

Movies That Were Awful, Just Awful:

Heartbreak Kid

(I should note: I didn't see Norbit, Sicko, or The Number 23. I'm not THAT stupid.)


Shawn said...

hot fuzz: pegg and his buddy (can't remember the name right now) are comic gold. I just put shaun of the dead on the home theater pc this weekend, going to have to watch that one again. Haven't seen 'run fatboy run' yet....

anybody? bueller?

Angus said...

I can second "no country for old men". great film. To me it had a lot of humor and humanity and less violence than I was led to expect. Most bad stuff happens off screen. I knew it was gonna be good from the early scene where Badem comes out from the bathroom after getting out his handcuffs and you see the ocean of heel marks all over the floor.

That and "The Savages" are probably the best movies I've seen lately.

Steven Taylor said...

Sadly, the only movie on your list I have seen is Ratatouille (via DVD, for that matter, and yes, I liked it).

Did I mention all my kids are 11 and under and babysitters ain't cheap?

Chris Lawrence said...

I'm so lazy I haven't stuck Hot Fuzz in the HD DVD player even though I know it's supposed to be awesome. Maybe I'll make myself watch it while I do laundry tomorrow.

For some reason, Knocked Up just left me very meh--I think the only scene I really laughed out loud was when the guy who plays Darryl (the foreman) from The Office was bitching about his job as a bouncer at a club. Superbad, on the other hand, had me laughing like a madman from start to end.

My movie watching in 2007 was pretty lame. The only movie in the top 10 box office list I saw was The Simpsons Movie (which I really enjoyed). Other new movies I enjoyed in 2007: Blades of Glory, Juno, Music and Lyrics, Charlie Wilson's War, and Walk Hard.

Wey said...

Good list...I also really liked There Will Be Blood and Eastern Promises

Angus said...

i never saw eastern promises. i am looking forward to seeing it, on the small screen at least, very soon

Robert S. Porter said...

Juno!!! In my opinion it is the best film of the year. It may be my favorite movie of all time. But I'll know for sure after my next viewing (my fourth!).

I can't get behind your love for PS: I Love You, however. (I even saw it in Raleigh!) And the Coen Brothers' caricatures rather than characters makes me put No Country for Old Men on the crap list, just like the rest of their films.

But Hot Fuzz, Eastern Promises, American Gangster, Superbad, and Knocked Up were all very good.

You should see Sicko, it's a good comedy with elements of tragedy.

Fundman said...

Mrs. Fundman and I can strongly recommend "Once" an Irish indy film that has gotten a big push on DVD. Romantic, well done, good music. Two Fund-thumbs up.