Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Kid Thee Not....

An actual letter, from the actual Deadly Toxin, at the actual UT-Austin, where I used to teach. If you don't believe it, check it.

An inconvenience to inattentive students

In the midst of all the political drama, entertainment tragedy and sports triumphs that permeate our senses, I have a small yet important request: Please place the crossword puzzle next to the Sudoku again! I find it difficult to slyly switch back and forth between them during the occasional class when my professor just can't keep my attention. This isn't to disrespect the professor. I enjoy my classes, but sometimes I just need a little break so I can focus my attention even more. I understand the demands of advertising can hinder proper placement of such puzzles, but I think I speak for much of the student body who enjoys such puzzles when I say, "Please, please bring it back." Thank you, Daily Texan, for keeping our distracted minds occupied.

Alyssa Hudson
English and government senior

A government major! Oh, the memories.

(Nod to the lovely and talented Ms. Barthelemy, who knows what she is talking about!)