Thursday, January 17, 2008

The wind beneath my wings!

People let me try to explain, why I'm enamored with Johnny McCain
He told Iowans (in a shopping mall?) that he opposed subsidized ethanol
The Michiganders too he cut no slack, "Them manufacturing jobs ain't coming back"
In South Carolina he put on a show, saying "that confederate flag has got to go"
I am no longer a callow youth, but Mr. McCain, he speaks the truth
In the past I've always chosen to abstain, now I'm thinkin' bout votin' and votin' McCain!


Tom said...

There were senate hearings a couple years ago where an exec from Clear Channel was called on the carpet for "interfering" in the programming of radio stations they owned. Senator McCain accused said exec of violating the First Amendment and threatened new legislation to ... err, something. While the exec pissed himself apologizing, I was screaming at the TV: "Congress shall make no law...!"

And then there's that famous McCain-Feingold, Incumbent Protection and Citizens Will Just Shut Up Act (MFIPCWJUA).

Robert S. Porter said...

While he's ok on those issues, he's so deparately wrong on the war. In fact, he's a Maverick.

Likewise, this is scary, though par for the course.