Thursday, January 10, 2008

Um....Is Their Biggest Model Called "The Bodacious"?

So, there is this Indian car company. It makes Tatas.

In fact, the company is betting that the key to prosperity
is having very small Tatas, because then everybody can get their
hands on ... one.

A game? Come up with ad slogans:

"Get your hands on our Tatas!"

"The Tata Bodacious: Our high beams are ALWAYS on."

Try it. It's fun!


prison rodeo said...

My favorite (from Slashdot):

"When I hear "$2500 Tatas," I'm not thinking of cars..."

jw said...

Nothing makes for a happy family like a pair of Tatas

Shawn said...

...the only time you'll think small tatas are better.

Speedmaster said...

Horrible, HORRIBLE! ;-)

Phil said...

A variant of a ZZ Top song comes to mind: "He don't love me, he loves my Tatas."

Anonymous said...

Hey. This is Tata Bodacious, skater from the Mobile Roller Derby. I should be their product spokeskeezer for sure!

I am in fits of hysterical giggles over the whole thing.