Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh Mama, can this really be the end..... get stuck with the Sonics when the Hornets are free again??

As King noted on SCSU, the Hornets have agreed on a ransom amount for their eventual escape from New Orleans. We'd LOVE to have them back, CP3 and Tyson and Peja; heck we'll even take Byron Scott if he promises not to make any more commercials for Cox Communications! Basically the Hornets can go free if they fail to average 14,000+ in attendance over the next two years. They are currently averaging around 11,000. They averaged around 17,000 here in OKC.

However, because Clay Bennett has already filed relocation papers for the Sonics to come to OKC (despite their longish remaining lease in Seattle) we can't get the Hornets back! So sick.

Hornets: 23-12, Sonics: 9-26. Plus, Kevin Durant is learning some bad habits, leading the team by far in minutes and shots while shooting 40% from the field (30% for 3s), only getting 4.4 boards per game and averaging more turnovers than assists (3 to 2). Ouch.

The ultimate bad beat situation is the Sonics come here and then the Hornets relocate to Seattle!! It could happen, people.

LOL, Mrs. Angus looking over my shoulder informs me that the actual ultimate bad beat is that no one comes to OKC. I guess she hasn't factored in us buying Sonic tickets and me driving her crazy complaining about Kevin Durant's shot selection for the forseeable future!!


JW said...

That would be ok here is WA. We would have a little extra change to contribute to the new teams wishes thanks to Mr Bennett and Co. having to pay to cut the lease. Thanks OKC.

Shawn said...

angus, as you're obviously a fan, I'd love to see your discussions on the economics of sports teams, specifically their funding and the truthfulness of whether they actually 'bring development' to a city.

As we're talking about building all sorts of arenas/stadiums/amphitheaters/bath houses here in Orlando, it's pertinent.

King said...

Angus, I think this gives OKC some hand in the game between themselves and Sonics ownership; it should hold the price down. And yes, it had occurred to me that they might double-switch and send the Hornets to SEA.

But there's nothing wrong with Durant that a good coach wouldn't fix. I'd've thought Carlesimo would be that guy, but it appears he wants a run-and-gun club. There again, who else can score on this team? Are they really supposed to play Wally and Durant at the same time? Icky.

Paul said...

As a former Charlottean (with the "EE" pronounced, not Charlottan, as many like to refer to us as), I would regard it a win to avoid George Shin. I'm not an expert on the Sonics franchise, but there's a reason that Charlotte didn't complain when he moved the team to New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

40% shooting from a college sophomore stringbean isn't as shabby as you make it out. He'll probably be rounding into shape as all star in time for Sonics fans to get a look at it for a season before he moves on.
That's your bad beat: he'll drive you crazy then tease you then win you over, then leave you in the lurch.