Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Onion Is The Source of Reality, Again

Have you seen my little "Sorry I'm Late!" essay?

This, from the Onion...a perfect dessert course.

(Nod to Mr. Reasonable)


Tom said...

I did ready your Sorry I'm late. I passed it around at work. Yes, it describs our meetings, too.

Yoni said...

Great article.

Perhaps it suggests that the problem is not with lateness, but with human capital efficiency in the workplace. (i.e., making sure that people always have work to do). In my business, because of the huge workload for the day that forces people to stay until 2am to get work done, people show up on time to meetings because everyone is busy - wants to get on with the meeting - and go back to their own work.

Perhaps the problem is that the managers of these "Late-niks" who show up late because - as people who don't have tons of work on their plate - they have no respect for other people's time... these managers should be making some personnel changes: Set higher expectations, demand more work done, make the profession more efficient, maybe get rid of people who don't pull their weight, and you'll see how quickly these people will get to a meeting. (You'll probably also see increased revenues in the business)

Yoni said...

The other possibility is that meetings may just be, on average, way too long and too inefficient. And people write them off as useless, so they show up late as a sign of passive protest.