Saturday, February 02, 2008

Alternative Alternative Music

The official Indie buzz is huge for NY's Vampire Weekend. Their first album is out and highly rated by Pitchfork. I have to say that they just don't do it for me, people. Their sound is tinny and forced. They seemed, planned, artificial, inauthentic. It seems like they are basically just "havin' a laugh".

Even the rave Pitchfork review describes them as "nothing but clean-cut pop and preppy new wave, tucked-in shirts and English-lit courses."


Let me suggest two alternatives to the alternative plat du jour.

1. Tokyo Police Club. They too have a new album but to me a way more indie vibe and sound. I really like these guys.

2. Times New Viking. Now these guys are indie as F***!! Hot Fuzz would be a good way to describe their sound. Highly distorted and highly recommended.


Seth said...

Thanks for the tips, Angus. I too am not sold on VW. But I am going to give them a few more listens to see if I get it.

Shawn said...

two thoughts:

"official indie" = bit of an oxymoron?
"alternative alternative" = song from a few years ago: "now that's alternative to alternative!"

...and, in searching for the link to that (so this is 3, but who's counting), one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time:
Harry Potter alternative book covers

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