Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What do Barack Obama and Nigel Tufnel have in common?

No, not that. They're both BIG IN JAPAN.

In Barack's case, in a specific town, Obama Japan (not making this up).

Obama (the town) is known for its chopsticks and Obama (the man) was born on August 4th, the day the city conducts its annual "Chopsticks Day" festivities. Karma.

Pictures don't lie people:

The citizens of Obama are some serious front runners too. Check out the Mayor:

"At first we were more low-key as Hillary Clinton looked to be ahead, but now we see he is getting more popular," Obama Mayor Toshio Murakami said.

"I give him an 80 percent chance of becoming president," the 75-year-old said with a proud grin.

Ladies and Gentlemen I implore you: Is there no McCain China out there to even things up a bit??