Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hoop Dreams

I am an NBA fan from way back. From Walt Bellamy and Cazzie Russell and Bob Lanier. I love basketball and the NBA allstar weekend, especially the dunk contest. And I have always thought that Vince Carter (as much as I disrespect his overall game) gave the greatest dunk contest performance ever back in 2000. You can see that show here (the last dunk is the best).

Then I watched the 2008 contest (not live last night but this morning courtesy of TIVO) and WOW!! I now say Dwight Howard's performance was the greatest dunk contest performance ever. All the dunks were mindbogglingly hard, creative, and executed with real style. His Superman throw-down (be sure to watch long enough to see the slo-mo replays) was to my mind the best of his three.

Vince still has the best dunk ever done in a game though, you can see it here.


Dirty Davey said...

Though I have to say the unis for the all-star game proper are freakin' HIDEOUS! That game is bad on the eyes.

br said...

1985, Michael Jordan, Free Throw Line, One Handed Double Pump

Angus said...

Unis, yes beyond hideous. MJ, yes pretty good dunk.