Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday morning's sign of the apocalypse

In a Newsweek article about the overselling of happiness, we are told many great people suffered dark moods. The examples are Aristotle, Vincent Van Gogh, Abraham Lincoln, and Morrissey!!

So I'll see your "fourscore and seven years ago", and raise you a "girlfriend in a coma, I know I know it's serious"? This is what Newsweek is telling us?

This may seem like a trivial complaint, but I am telling you that it's a serious tear in the fabric of society. Vincent Van Gogh cannot be compared to Woody Allen (also on the list). Abraham Lincoln cannot be compared to freakin' Morrissey.

It just ain't right.


Anonymous said...

Why can't Lincoln and Morrissey be compared? They are not saying that Morrissey is a great president, only that he is a prominent creative individual who, like Lincoln, suffers from the blues. (Heaven knows I'm miserable now).

And why can't VVG be compared to Woody Allen? They even share the same genre--visual arts.

BTW--Girlfriend in a coma is far more danceable than the Gettysburg Address.

Angus said...

Lincoln got rid of slavery and saved the union. Morrissey wrote some witty pop songs. It's ludicrous. VVG is one of the 10 greatest artists IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Woody Allen is a marginally talented pedophile.

Morrissey could be compared to Lilly Langtree, Woody Allen to Al Jolson.

I've never actually tried to dance to the Gettysburg address, but I'm willing to take you at your word on that point!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that you have never tried to dance to the Gettysburg address is proof of my point.

It's Ludacris? He can't hold a candle to Morrissey, much less to Lincoln.

Angus said...


Comment of the year so far.

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