Monday, February 25, 2008

Globalization, Yer doin' it Wrong!

It's another Japanese entry. The Michelin Guide has started giving out stars for Tokyo restaurants; many say thanks but no thanks!

"Many prominent figures of the Tokyo food world, however, are saying to Michelin, in effect, thanks for all the attention (which we deserve), but you still do not know us or our cuisine.

Food critics, magazines and even the governor of Tokyo have questioned the guide’s choice of restaurants and ratings. A handful of chefs proudly proclaimed that they had turned down chances to be listed. One, Toshiya Kadowaki, said his nouveau Japonais dishes, including a French-inspired rice with truffles, did not need a Gallic seal of approval.

“Japanese food was created here, and only Japanese know it,” Mr. Kadowaki said in an interview. “How can a bunch of foreigners show up and tell us what is good or bad?”

With all the doubts about Michelin’s understanding of Japanese tastes, some chefs say a rating in the guide has become a liability. Kunio Tokuoka, head chef at the high-end restaurant Kitcho, said the main Tokyo branch of his restaurant refused a listing in Michelin for fear of turning off customers seeking authentic Japanese cuisine."

With progress like this, I can see Japan opening up its markets and a grand Doha deal blooming any day now!!


Anonymous said...

The Japanese are good people, and their flipping off the French only confirms it.

aprons for women said...

i totally agree to the point of the Anonymous person who commented that Japanese are good, well, every one in good. but Japanese are well disciplined unlike any other countries is.

Cathy said...
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