Monday, February 04, 2008

Gridlock and Flip-Flops

Tomorrow is the big day, and the conventional wisdom is that McCain will emerge with a stranglehold on the nomination while Obama and Clinton will still be in a dogfight.

However, pollsters have not exactly covered themselves in glory so far this primary season, so I think anything can still happen (well, Ron Paul ain't gonna win, but you know what I mean).

I base my political wishes on two things. (1) a fervent desire for gridlock. (2) a visceral hatred of flip-floppers and panderers.

This of course puts me rooting for the Republicans in the general election for reason (1), and preferring Obama over Clinton and McCain by a mile over Romney (as Don Rickles is ironically known as Mr. Warmth, so could Mitt be known as Mr. Sincerity), for reason (2).

However, I think that Hillary is more "beatable" in the general election so (1) weighs in her favor there. It would be optimal on gridlock grounds to have McCain vs. Hillary, but I still actually find myself rooting for Barack Obama to secure the nomination. I always thought I was lexicographic in gridlock, but maybe not. In fact, definitely not. If Romney is the nominee, I'll support the Democratic candidate (Ann Coulter style)!! Take that Mitt you evil flip-flopper!

Any predictions people??

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br said...

The Libertarian Party has said it is open to supporting Ron Paul as opposed to running its own candidate.

My prediction.

32% Hillary (D)
32% McHillary (R)
36% Paul (L)
=5% Market Liberal Dems
+12% Market Liberal Reps
+19% Jesus Freaks

Not sure how this breaks out with the electoral college. Bloomberg could screw this up as well.