Thursday, February 14, 2008

Munger Goes Negative!

I probably should have avoided criticizing someone else' haircuts. Since, I mean, NO ONE knows more about bad haircuts than I do.

Still, a story in the News and Observer today discusses my candidacy. And I establish myself, unfortunately, as someone who just calls other people names. (BTW: I was not misquoted, in any way).

My older son, Kevin, is delighted, however. Yelling "Munger goes negative" in the house. Thanks, kid, for your sympathy.


Simon Spero said...

Incrementalist, or decrementalist?

And is it true you're also running for Lord Mayor of London?

Chris Lawrence said...

Hair? You insulted my STATE!

Unit said...

You mean: Michael "The Hair" Munger.

Angus said...

Chris: when I lived in NOLA you could buy t-shirts that said: "Louisiana: 3rd World and Proud of It!"

br said...

Mike, This is great press. Everyone I've forwarded the story to wants to know how they can help you get on the ballot. I sent them petition forms.