Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Best Sentence I Read this Morning

Ross Douthat writing in the NY Times (the whole article is worth reading):

"Precisely because the right has won so many battles — on taxes, welfare, crime and the cold war — in the decades since it squared off against Gerald Ford and Jacob Javits, the greatest danger facing the contemporary Republican Party is ideological sclerosis, rather than insufficient orthodoxy."


Anonymous said...

On taxes? It has only "won" the war on taxes because tax cuts have been sold to the people as costless. What if we really sold tax cuts to the people as a tradeoff (i.e. no deficit spending to mortgage our future but real corresponding spending cuts). If this happened, the rights "wins" would look much less stellar.

Tommy the taxed (but not as much as Americans think) but happy Englishman.

br said...

Tommy - Do you mean Americans don't realize how much Americans are taxed? B/c of all the hidden communications taxes and tobacco taxes and gas taxes and ...