Wednesday, February 06, 2008

KPC readers' Poll: Who's Your favorite Wilson??

Last night, as we watched the last new episode of House for the foreseeable future, Mrs. Angus commented to me about the abundance of sidekicks named Wilson, and this morning's Plutowalk turned into a spirited debate about their relative merits.

So people, I ask you: Who's your favorite Wilson?

This one?

Or perhaps this one?

Or maybe this one?

Am I missing anybody??


Shawn said...

...does Mr. Wilson (as in "hey Mr. WILLLL-SON!!", via Dennis the Menace) count?

he had a nice bit of crotchetyness.

Robert S. Porter said...

It's definitely Dr. Wilson.

Anonymous said...


Norman said...

Wilson from House, definitely. Wilson the Ball never gave good advice, and Wilson from Home Improvement wasn't nearly sarcastic enough.

Anonymous said...

Tim Wilson