Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Glad I Don't Live in Morocco

Apparently, in Morocco you can be jailed just for being an ass.

Angus and I would both be incarcerated, pretty much forever, if this guy was arrested for "villainous practices."

In grad school, Angus and I were in an office in the CSAB, now the Weidenbaum Center. While in that office, during the day, when there were lots of very serious people there, I did the following:

1. Routinely tried to see how many syllables I could put into the word "f**k", at the top of my lungs, with door open.
2. Once wrote a poem as a means of taking a message. A prof that Angus was working for came by, looking for Angus. I wrote the following poem, and put it on Angus's chair: "BLANK came by, was looking for you. Said to call him, if you're back before two. But as usual, his brain was pure goo." BLANK came back a little later, when I was out, and found the note. Took it back to his office. Clearly, he considered me to have engaged in villainous practices.

In Morocco, they would have forgotten my name by now. Mungowitz is in jail forever.

(nod to Jason T)

UPDATE: A useful followup. For the Moroccan story, I mean.