Friday, February 29, 2008

Strike a Poseur

So, I'm walking towards Perkins Library yesterday. This kid I know, a senior, a great guy, is standing there. Clogs, capri pants, leather man purse with flower embroidered strap across opposite shoulder, a hip length bhurka coat, long scarf wrapped into a knot that exposes his neck, cigarette smoldering, sun glasses (it's a cloudy day), and one of those knit hats with the long stringy ear flaps that trail guides wear.

I stop. I stare. He pulls the cig from his mouth. "What?"

I say, "You are either the biggest hipster, or the biggest poseur, I have ever met."

He laughs, I go in.

He emails later: "I can't believe you called me a poser (sic). I'm just being real."

I respond: "You know the difference between 'poser' and 'poseur'? A poser is a difficult question, a puzzle. A poseur is someone who dresses like you, but doesn't know the difference between the words 'poser' and 'poseur.'"

Went on: "Let me use them in a sentence: 'Gosh, it's a poser to explain why {name} is such a poseur.'"

All day I had felt kind of sick. But after that, I felt much better. As Madonna said: Strike a poseur.


Keith said...

Not a direct comment on this entry, but for this leap day you might have a look at
(will only "work" on Feb 29)

Foiled yet again by the ever predictable calendar and not fully formed code.

Dirty Davey said...

Wow. I sent you that link, Keith--no idea you were hanging out at this place.

Keith said...

Credit where credit's due, Davey. I lurk in many a strange place.

Mungowitz said...

Jeez, you two.

Get a room.

Seth said...

Take away the smoldering cigarette, and I'd swear you were talking about DL! Keep up the good work at Duke, Mungowitz, keeping things real.

Anonymous said...

Did Dan Lee take up smoking and make you confused?

Tommy the non-smoking Englishman

Mungowitz said...

No, no: This kid made Dan Lee look like a sloppy truck driver.

Dan just has style. He is not a TRUE poseur. Further, much of Dan's act is ironic, and therefore charming.

Anonymous said...

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