Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Das Car Boot

Strange ideas about property.

You can't trespass on private property, just to park
your overpriced Nipponese Urban Assault Vehicle.

But then you REALLY can't take the parking boot, and try
to sell it on Ebay.

Unless you are a lawyer. In which case you think that "Property"
means "mine."


Aaron said...

> Dar Car Boot

Either this was supposed to be "Das" or I didn't get the reference.

Fred said...

Lawyer's case sunk by Das Boot.

Mungowitz said...

Ses, it is "Das car boot." I misspelled it. Thanks for catching it. I fixed it.

Good one, Fred!

Dirty Davey said...

What about the flip side? If you attach something irremovable to MY property, am I now forced to consider it partially yours?

If you do park illegally, and I paste a $20 bill to your windshield, could I accuse you of theft if you drove away without peeling it off and leaving it behind?