Saturday, June 09, 2012

Moving on up

As we wait on the Finals to begin, I thought I'd write a bit about the Thunder's playoff run so far.

As is well known, the team committed the most turnovers in the Association and got the fewest assists in the regular season. However, I want to compare last year's playoff stats to this year's. I think this is a better comparison rather than regular season to playoffs as the bad teams are not in the playoffs.

In the 2010-11 playoffs (17 games) the Thunder has the most turnovers (14.9),  were 10th in assists (17.6), shot 44% (31.6% on 3s).  Russell shot 39% and averaged 4.6 turnovers. KD shot 45%.

In the 2011-12 playoffs (15 games so far) the Thunder are 14th in turnovers (11.2), and 6th in assists (18.7). Russell is shooting 43.6% (35% on 3s) and averaging only 2.3 turnovers.  KD is shooting 50.5 %.

So compared to last year's playoff run which ended in the Conference Finals, the Thunder are passing the ball and taking care of the ball much better. There is much less of KD trying to "post up" while Russell dribbles out the shot clock. The offense is much more efficient.

They are also playing much better defense. In the 2010-11 playoffs, they gave up 100.6 points per game. In the 2011-12 playoffs they are only giving up 95.7.

It sounds like a dumb cliche, but Durant has really calmed down, matured, "grown up", and Westbrook is making progress in those areas as well. San Antonio really contained Harden when he drove to the basket so he's going to have to make some adjustments there, but I think the Thunder will beat either Boston or Miami and win the championship this year.

Friday, June 08, 2012

If Boudreaux wore a barrette....

.......he'd be Mike Miller!

Don't take my word for it; feast your eyes:

Living it up at the Hamptons

So, the feds prosecuted former Senator John Edwards.  FAIL.

And the feds are going after Douglas Hampton, really hard.

But former Senator Ensign gets a free pass.

Even though Hampton cooperated with the Justice Department, and gave the lawyers PLENTLY to hammer Ensign with.  There is actually a case against Ensign.  He should go to jail.  But.... nothing.

A deal?  Ensign may know something about Democratic Senator..... Anonyman wants to know.


Got this email today:

Hello Mike,

My name is Matilda Thompson, social media manager at We’ve been following your blog at for a while now and your writing style is pretty great! I’m willing to bet PR agencies and Brands might find it appealing as well.

So we selected your site to offer you a revenue share partnership.  Let me know if you’d be interested in this opportunity and I’ll follow-up with more details!

Best regards,
Matilda Thompson

My response:  Gosh, Matilda, thanks for the compliment!  It would mean more if the "blog" you identify as admiring were something other than the main Duke University web site.  I'll give you credit, Duke does post often, has lots of links, and they do produce some pretty impressive content!

However, if this is the level of care you idiots at BlogDash put into your work, I'd like to try to make sure that no one falls for your spam-phish.  So I thought I'd post your email on my ACTUAL blog.

And please don't contact me again.  You can contact that "blog" at Duke directly, if you want.  Just send an email to, and I'm sure they'll get right back to you.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Frampton Comes Unglued

As part of our continuing coverage of news of the arrest and incarceration of UNC physics Prof. Paul Frampton, we have some...well, some continuing coverage.

I have to admit they guy is growing on me.  We have talked about this before, and there may have been some incredulity in our electronic voices.  But as more facts come out, it turns out Dr. Frampton is pretty much like...most 65+ college profs.

(Read on, below the fold, for details)

Holy Spumoli!

"I can go all night" ~ Kevin Durant

"We have always been old" ~ Manu Ginobli

That pretty much tells the story, and Mrs. Angus and I can't wait til Tuesday night!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

unhelpful help

There is a fantastic blog post from a frustrated aid worker in Haiti making its way around the interwebs. It is highly recommended to be read in full.

Here is one highlight:

1. Good intentions aren’t enough. 
2. Rose-colored glasses are bullshit. 
3. The white savior industrial complex is real, demonstrated daily by feel good aid programs that probably don’t work, or feel good causes like Kony 2012 that generate plenty of buzz but don’t add up to much when people are actually supposed to do something. 
4. You can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves. 
5. True altruism is an incredibly rare thing. (See #3) 
6. Little victories must be celebrated if you want to protect yourself from the crippling effects of the larger failure.

Here is another:

 If I were to do it all again, I wouldn’t design a solution. It isn’t my place to do that. What I’d do is try and be a useful resource for a group of people or a community that have a much better understanding of their problems than I do, and want to work together toward finding solutions. I wouldn’t come in as the guy with the answer. I’d come in as the guy willing to try and help them in any way possible as they find their own answer. 

 (NB: the paragraph after the above quote is exceedingly strange, but the overall article is incredible)

 The piece reminds me of David Ellerman's classic piece: of which here is a highlight:

There are many strategies for development assistance that may supply help in some form but actually do not help people help themselves. The forms of help that override or undercut people’s capacity to help themselves will be called “unhelpful help.” There are essentially two ways that the helper’s will can supplant the doer’s will to thwart autonomy and self-help: 

1) The helper, by social engineering, deliberately tries to impose his will on the doer; or 

2) The helper, by benevolent aid, replaces the doer’s will with her will, perhaps inadvertently. 

“Override” or “undercut” are shorthand terms for these two conceptually distinct yin-and-yang forms of unhelpful help (which may be combined, as when benevolence hides the desire to control).

Say what?

After the results of the Wisconsin recall were in, Obama for America-Wisconsin released a statement that said in part:

"While tonight’s outcome was not what we had hoped for – no one can dispute the strong message sent to Governor Walker.

Well, since he beat the same guy by a bigger margin than he beat him in 2010, I guess that the message would have to be, what, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK?

Not sure that's the exact "strong message" the Dems were looking for.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

License to Raise Entry Barriers

Is it plausible that cosmetologists need, on average, 10 times as many days
to fulfill their educational and training requirements (372) than emergency
medical technicians (33), who literally hold lives in their hands? That is
the reality in most states.

Read the rest...


1.  The Dub-MOE runs away from giving money to pols

2.  Anonyman claims this may be why I am not Governor:  cute people win, tall people win.  Even in the AEA, of all things.  Ewwwwwww.

3.  The Vatican is fighting with the nuns.  The nuns are being led by Mick Jagger in a wig.  Check it out.

4.  UNC-CH decides to go along with idiotic "Dear Colleague" thugs.  The threat is that the feds will sue or hold up money if schools don't go along with the "new policy."  But the new policy makes criminal charges follow from the civil standard of evidence, "preponderance of evidence."  Here is why that is a bad idea.

Monday, June 04, 2012

A day in Wrightsville Beach

 Sunrise...over the ocean

Sunset...over the Sound

Moonrise...over the ocean

It was Christmas in prison and the food was real good

Mrs. Angus and I have been enjoying a Netflix show called "Lilyhammer" with Stephen Van Zandt as a wise guy in the witness protection NORWAY!

One episode portrayed Norwegian prisons as a combination of summer camp, counseling center, & dormitory. It left us wondering if the truth was anything like that depiction.

In just a couple of days we got our answer with this headline:

Norwegian prison may hire friends for mass killer Anders Behring Breivik

So if you' like to play chess in person with Anders, this could be your chance to do so and make bank at the same time!

Keep the faith Norway, and a belated happy Nasjonaldagen from your friends at KPC!