Monday, May 12, 2008

The 4% Solution

Rasmussen puts the NC Gov race as follows:
McCrory 45%
Perdue 39%
Munger 4%

The "favorables", according to the report:

McCrory is viewed favorably by 56% and unfavorably by 29%. Perdue’s ratings are 50% favorable, 41% unfavorable. Munger is less known, earning favorable ratings from 24%, unfavorable ratings from 35% and 41% who are not sure.

As Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakum put it, "They don't know me, but they don't like me..." I'll have to work to change that.

Which puts in mind the Sam Cooke song, covered by many: If I can meet I can get, but yet I haven't met 'em. That's why I'm in the state I'm in.

(Nod to the Madman)


Anonymous said...

4% gets the LPNC recognized as a party right?

On the 35% unfavorable. I probably talk to a lot more 'average' people than most of you academes, and I find very few people know what 'Libertarian' means. Most people seem to know nothing about the platform but assume L's are a bunch of freaks. Perhaps relatedly, very few people seem to know much about Economics, the Constitution, or pre-civil war American History.

Ned said...

i find perdue 100% creepy, but rasmussen doesn't seem to accept unsolicited statistics. i have to agree with br on people having no clue about these esoteric issues like economics and history. usually, when i say "libertarian", people think that i have a speech impediment and work in a library.

LibertyRepublican said...

Wow! McCrory is up 6 points with you getting 4% in the race?

So much for the LP being a cancer to the Republican Party.

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