Monday, May 12, 2008

Memo To John Hood

Memo to John Hood:

Keep ON MESSAGE, please.

(Background: RT Beckwith, who apparently has a direct connection with the sinister forces of darkness, reveals a speculative truth.

In particular, and I quote: "If Mike Gravel wins anywhere: Hysteria. Reporters wander around in a daze. Pollsters jump out second-story windows. Bloggers say they saw it coming all along. Plagues of locusts swarm the earth. A third of Democratic voters turn red. Mike Munger reveals he is the anti-Christ."

Now, Beckwith may have good sources, and he may have heard this rumor. But it was just a RUMOR, ferBev'ssake. But.....But.....But: John Hood goes ahead in comments and CONFIRMS the rumor:

Uh, Ryan, didn't you already know that about Munger? It's not like he tries to hide it or anything.

Now, see, that's just wrong. I remember that meeting of the Dark League, and John Hood was sitting right in the front row, between Hitler and Coach K, an "all hands" gathering of the forces of the Dark League. And we were TOLD not to confirm my nomination for Anti-Christ.

Oh, well. Just as long as no one reveals that Bev Perdue was chairing the meeting, I suppose we're okay. So, Hood, you blabbermouth, ixnay on the Erduepay is Atansay, okay?


Anonymous said...

I generally dislike blog-world grammar Natzis, but that's a confusing misplaced modifier. Is Munger going to reveal that Gravel is the Anti-Christ or that Munger is the Anti-Christ? And, shouldn't the "H" in "he" be capitalized as well?

Mungowitz said...

Hmmmm....Quite right. Typical Munger narcissism not to notice that.

So: That raises the question, was I promised that *I* would be the anti-Christ, when in fact the office will go to Gravel?

And, if THAT's right, then the reason that we told to keep the "promise" quiet....was to keep the ambiguity in place!

BR, Oliver Stone has NOTHING on you. "IT" was right there in front of us. And, no, I zero idea what "it" refers to at this point.

Simon Spero said...

So Beverly Perdue is your father?
That's not possible...

But isn't genetics her main claim to office? Would that make you even more qualified? Are you they lost Perdue?

To the Recherchemobile, Poustman!