Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What I do in my spare time

Collect art.

Here are the artists we are currently collecting at Chez Angus:

Souther Salazar
Billy Woolway
Joe Garcia
Manuel Castro Leñero
Floyd Kuptana
Maudie Ohiktook
Antoine Oleyant
Lynda Barry

Here is the latest piece we got; it's by Joe Garcia:

Here is how I collect art:

"hey honey, have you seen this piece? It's only $XXX. What do you think? What if I could get them down to .8*$XXX? Well what about this one? Who do you like better? Shouldn't we get them both? What do you think?"


Shawn said...

most prevalent hobby among:

economists you know?
professors you know?
Okies you know?

Angus said...

economists: sports on TV

professors: complaining

Okies: noodling (or OU football).

Shawn said...

...hadda wiki 'noodling'. I'd think you're pulling my leg, if not for the numerous references to Oklahoma in the article.

Anonymous said...

Is this why you've been averaging only 1.14 posts per day for the last week?! You've been out art shopping?!

You've heard of specialization of labor... hire an interior decorator and get back to blogging.