Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And this helped you exactly how???

In 2004, well known coach choker Latrell Sprewell spurned a 3 year 20 million $ plus contract from the Minnesota T-Wolves as woefully insufficient saying that "I have my family to feed" (you can buy the t-shirt here).

He has been out of the league since the end of that season.

Today, karma came calling again with the news that Spree's house is being repossessed. His 70 foot yacht was sold off at auction back in January.

This is pretty close to Darwin award behavior, innit?

Hat tip to TC


Norman said...

Does his family eat diamonds? Was that the problem?

Anonymous said...

whoops. Even Ben Bernanke thinks this guy is irresponsible with money.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the Spree flashback. I think his theory was that his "value" was a positive function of shots TAKEN.