Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tucker Carlson: Tease, or Victim?

Okay, so now ABC and the NYTimes are getting a little snarky with me.

Here's what happened, in a nutshell:

I got a phone call, polling delegates, described here. NOTICE: I was skeptical. Didn't seem right to me.

SO, I did the blog equivalent of double-sourcing, by GOOGLING. I found this,
that seemed like confirmation enough to me, and so I wrote it. NOTICE: The time stamp on Lew's piece is earlier than my first blog post on this....

Then, I got another call.

It is possible, and I admit this appeals to my narcissistic soul, that Lew Rockwell and two anonymous callers cooked this just to spoof ME. But that seems unlikely. It appears that SOMEONE wanted to know something, for some reason.

Another one of those stories we'll never know the end of. Was Tucker C teasing us, or was he a victim of some quirky sense of humor out there?


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Gore Vidal, another of your heroes, who said that you never turned down a chance to be the NYT?

Here's another thought - he never polled anyone other than you? Are you the median libertarian and as such the deciding guy?

Unknown said...

Shawn Levasseur got polled too.

Anonymous said...

As did Barbara Howe, LNPC msg 35124. Sorry, it's not just you. =)