Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So, LifeLock is getting sued.

For not being able to do what they say they can do.

Todd Davis has dared criminals for two years to try stealing his identity: Ads for his fraud-prevention company, LifeLock, even offer his Social Security number next to his smiling mug.

Now, Lifelock customers in Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia are suing Davis, claiming his service didn't work as promised and he knew it wouldn't, because the service had failed even him.

Attorney David Paris said he found records of other people applying for or receiving driver's licenses at least 20 times using Davis' Social Security number, though some of the applications may have been rejected because data in them didn't match what the Social Security Administration had on file.

Davis acknowledged in an interview with The Associated Press that his stunt has led to at least 87 instances in which people have tried to steal his identity, and one succeeded: a guy in Texas who duped an online payday loan operation last year into giving him $500 using Davis' Social Security number.

(Nod to Anonyman, who thinks his NAME is too terrifying to reveal.)


ward said...

So if the guy is truthful and 87 attempts only resulted in 1 success does that mean its difficult to do so you don't need his service?

Mungowitz said...

Well, no. I thought the "insurance" claim was misleading.

Plus, you can get this same service for free.

I don't think it is worth the price. So, I guess it is a review: Don't buy LifeLock, it's not worth it.

Further, there were 87 attempts that actually resulted in drivers licenses being applied for. It is a hassle to track that down, AND that is not a service LifeLock offers. So: if I lost my Soc Sec card, LifeLock would be no help.

It is overpriced, overhyped, and not a real service. IMO.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This article was obviously written by someone that doesn’t have the facts. First, Davis wasn’t held liable for the $500 dollar loan; LifeLock covered it as they advertise. Also the loan was opened because payday loan places don’t usually perform credit checks which in turn wouldn’t prompt the fraud alerts. Finally, if you actually read about LifeLock they do provide services that people cannot do for themselves and the ones you can do they perform as a convenience. You always change your own oil and cut your own hair? Seriously, if you want to write articles have the facts.

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